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Automatic Tube sheet treatment solutions

Automated Expanding ToolAutomated Expanding ToolThe objective of the robot-mounted expanding head is to obtain the smallest possible gap between the tube and tube sheet.
The process is repeated tube by tube through following steps:
• Local control of tool distance from the reference surface• Inserting the expander inside the tube• Tube forming• Tool withdrawal

Automated Tube-end Trimming
The objective of the trimming tool is to provide the required distance between the tube-end and the reference surface (tube sheet)In order to streamline the process, an automatic
tube-end trimming process has been introduced, which
is performed as follows:

• Locating tubes
• Designating the local base area
• Measuring tube stick-out outside the reference plane
• Centering the tool against the axis of the machined tube
• Tube-end trimming to a defined height
• Verification of the trimming process

Tubes to Tube sheet Automatic Welding
Welding of the tube to tube sheet is the last stage of manufacturing perfect quality tube bundle. The whole process is controlled by very accurate pathfinding system which controls and monitors welding parameters. Thanks to that we have improved quality and ensured high productivity which
is the biggest advantage of this technology.
The process is repeated tube by tube through following steps:
• Finding position of the tube
• Measuring local surface of the tube sheet
• TIG or Laser Welding

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