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Creative Engineering is the motto that stands for RMA Sp. z o.o. since the beginning.
For almost 10 years, using state-of-the-art technology, we have enabled our customers to improve their technological processes, resulting in a range of benefits, such as streamlining production processes, reducing production costs, improving product quality, and increasing productivity and security at the workplace. Our offer is addressed to all branches of industry.

RMA is the Polish leading supplier of industrial automation. With a distinctive know-how and
the long-lasting experience, we aim at proposing efficient and cost-saving automated solutions to our

Customers. Apart from automotive industry, which has always been our main area of activity, we design and deliver tailored and highly innovative technologies for a wide variety of companies deriving from different industrial areas.

We are being firmly supported by our R&D team who is constantly monitoring the market trends and providing solutions which usually exceed our Customers’ expectations. Besides our strong laser welding focus, we have been recently involved in the area of the laser cleaning innovations.

Our attitude led us to design and manufacture RMA MLS series, one of the most advanced and versatile laser welding platforms currently available on the market. During EALA 2018 we would like to present our newcomer – MLS502 – an orbital welding machine. It comes with a wide range of laser welding heads and laser sources (up to 10kW). RMA offers custom toolings for MLS502 which can manage the welding diameters of up to 500mm. Its unique, exceptionally cost-effective online seam tracking module, offers great welding precision and improved weld quality assurance by providing real-time adjustments (compensation for variations in joint position and fit-up).

With its enormous flexibility and customer oriented approach, RMA has been offering both dedicated, custom-made solutions (production lines, manufacturing cells, etc.) and ready to use MLS platforms with relatively short delivery times and well-balanced scope of applications. Innovation is clearly defining each and every one of our solutions with MLS501 and MLS1000 being equipped with a revolutionary SCOUT and MLS502 offered with an optional online seam tracking module.

In our offer you will find

  • Design and manufacture of production sites using industrial robots equipped with various types of grippers  and manipulators, vision systems, metering and object detection systems.

  • Construction of fully automated, partially automated and manual production lines, machinery, equipment, assembly stations and instruments.

  • Process handling using industrial robots such as welding, palletising, packing, moving,
    painting, machining.

  • Design and manufacture of control systems for industrial automation, control cabinets and electrical switchboards.

  • Programming and servicing automation systems based on programmable PLCs (Allen Bradley, Siemens, GE Fanuc, Unitronics).

  • Industrial process visualization (SCADA - Intouch design, HMI operator panels).

  • Technical consultancy in the field of robotics, mechanics, automatics.

  • Maintenance and modernization of industrial machinery and equipme

  • Distribution of equipment and solutions manufacturers, such as laser heads, co-operating robots (Cobots), including deployment and servicing.

  • Training in the operation and programming of industrial robots.

Many years of experience, completed projects and skills will allow you to comprehensively meet your expectations and encourage cooperation.

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