LCS – where laser meets 4.0

Laser cleaning system

LCS is a complete fully automatic laser cleaning system. It consists of a high power, ultra short pulse nanosecond laser and a galvo scan head mounted on a state of the art robotic arm for fast and precise material processing…


The process of laser cleaning is based on ablation.
This revolutionary technology utilizes highly concentrated laser pulse to vaporize the contamination from the surface of  
the workpieces without any surface damage.


Ablation does not result in rounding of the sharp edges and fine details when compared to abrasive blasting and has far greater cleaning power than dry ice technology.


Coating Removal/Cleaning Illustration


Easy and intuitive setup and operation
Simple installation (all-in-one)
Unique programming and control software which completely eliminates the time consuming manual programming
Industry 4.0 ready
Extremely fast processing with minimal heat input
Modular safety enclosure which enables the work-pieces to be fed through different input modules

LCS - Software

Laser 3D scanning

Model generation

Intelligent robot path generation

The heart of the system is a unique programming and control software which completely eliminates the time consuming manual programming. 


The robot is equipped with a dedicated 3D laser scanner for fast measurement of the mould shape and intelligent path generation to maximize the cleaning efficiency while minimizing the beam overlaps 


and inefficient robot movements. It can acquire the profile of any mold and automatically adjust the processing parameters such as angles, speed, power and beam shape respectively.


In addition, the operator can use 3D CAD models both for process simulation and cycle time optimization.


Paint removal

Mould cleaning

Edge cleaning - preparation for welding

Rust removal



Product dimensions (WxDxH)*
3000 x 2500 x 2200 (mm)
Power supply
3 x 400 V
~2000 kg
Laser type
Pulsed Fiber Laser
Laser class
1064 nm
Focal distance
250 mm
Beam with: adjustable (5-100 mm)
Adjustable (5-100 mm)
Cooling system
Water cooled
Fiber optic cable length
Up to 30 m
Max. power consumption
5 kW
Min./Max. ambient operating temperature
45 °C
10 - 95%

*Some technical data may change due to development