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Is the industry robotization a threat to human work?

Poland has long been heading towards Western standards in the field of technological development of the industry. Among the main trends, there is undoubtedly the automation of the industry and its robotization. Let’s get to know the advantages of this type of solutions.

…organizations, which show that enterprises that have decided to implement production automation enjoy both financial and quality growth…

Industrial robots are an integral part of this development, and investments in this sector bring a lot of benefits. In recent years, there have been many concerns about the role of man in the mechanized world of metal devices. Opponents argue that such measures are aimed at replacing people from the labor market, and the most radical ones believe that robots will be at the forefront of global extermination.


None of the above was reflected in reality. On the contrary – robotization has mainly contributed to economic growth and, consequently, to the increase in the living standards of residents, in which the sector of such solutions is dynamically developing.


It is obvious that the common GDP and the general indicator of economic development are influenced by private entrepreneurs who operate in industrial fields. However, not everyone, approaches the robots optimistically, fearing their costs and the price of their maintenance. It turns out that the advantages of automation in the industry can be much more numerous than its drawbacks.


  1. Quality of manufactured goods


Robots work mechanically, repetitively and … always the same. As a result, producers of various types of goods can be sure that the percentage of unserviceable products will be smaller and, in some cases, zero. All small elements of our product will be reproduced with eye-catching accuracy. This will result in perfect copies of our products, each of which will be produced exactly the same, without deviations from the rule we set.


  1. Production speed and a greater quantity of manufactured goods


Automation of production directly contributes to faster performance of certain activities, and therefore – with a greater amount of manufactured goods. It is impossible to not mention that industrial robots operate faster and more efficiently than people. Incredible time savings, as well as a monumental increase in the number of products created, will not only affect the saving of money on the part of the entrepreneur but also for earning more money. In such an arrangement, the fear for the costs of robotization can be leveled and replaced with optimistic hopes for the future.


  1. Employee safety


By entrusting robots with difficult tasks and dangerous to health and life of our employees, we invest in … human. This argument is confirmed everywhere where workers are forced to work in difficult and life-threatening conditions (in places where noxious noises, fumes or temperature are noticed). It is easy to notice here that robots not only do not work against employees (as opponents of robotics believe), but also – and perhaps above all – are their security.


These three benefits of the industry’s robotics mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg. There are many studies carried out by trustworthy organizations, which show that enterprises that have decided to implement production automation enjoy both financial and quality growth.

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