At the R&D department, we help our customers choose
the optimum technology and check the initial project
. For our customers, we prepare and demonstrate

the most efficient processes that have been selected
Individually with consideration for all need

Scope of work

  • Welding
  • Laser systems
  • Detection
  • Vision systems
  • Processes automation

Our laboratory equipped with:

  • 6-Axis industrial robot
  • 6 kW Fiber laser
  • Laser scanhead
  • Twin spot laser head with wire feeder
  • Cutting laser head
  • TIG and MIG/MAG sources with welding equipment
  • Vision system for parts recognition

Additional laboratory equipment:

  • Automated tool changeover solution to provide continuous and flexible process development
  • 1-Axis positioner with 2000 kg payload
  • 2-Axis positioner with 400 kg payload
  • Different welding and cutting tools (cutting table)
  • Technical gas station
  • Multifunctional fume extraction system
  • Five cameras for observation and recording process inside
  • TV screen to monitor the whole process