RMA Laboratory

The RMA robotic welding laboratory

Our laboratory, offer a possibility of a laser welded parts production. Our offer is adressed primarily to customers whose production volumes do not allow to invest in their own laser welding station, and to customers who interested in changing the welding technology to a more effective one in near future.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us: sprzedaz@myrma.eu


Our laboratory equipped with:

  • 6 kW Fiber laser
  • Laser scanhead
  • Twin spot laser head with wire feeder
  • Cutting laser head
  • TIG and MIG/MAG sources with welding equipment
  • Vision system for parts recognition

In addition, in the laboratory you will find:

  • 6 Axis industrial robot
  • Automated tool changeover solution to provide continuous and flexible process development
  • 1-Axis positioner with 2000 kg payload
  • 2-Axis positioner with 400 kg payload
  • Different welding and cutting tools (cutting table)
  • Technical gas station
  • Multifunctional fume extraction system
  • Five cameras for observation and recording process inside
  • TV screen to monitor the whole process



Watch the presentation of the RMA laboratory presentation during the RMA Partner Meeting 2017 meeting.