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Processes automation

Over the last 20 years, technology has radically changed the nature of production. In the old days, production and manufacture were hand-made by people. 

At present, when computers and technology have penetrated every aspect of our lives, automation has become an element of competitive advantage between manufacturing companies around the world.

Automation allows companies to mass produce products at exceptional speeds, repeatability and unsurpassed quality. Automation has become a determining factor in whether the company will remain competitive in the manufacturing industry.

At RMA, we believe that automated processes are not just a vision of the future, but a modern regulator of market demand.

Benefits of process automation


Accelerate production time, devices do not need additional time to think.


Human work involves a margin of mistake. Well-configured machines are less prone to possible errors.


Every year, the owners of factories as a result of various types of accidents lose their labor force. Machines are ideal for processes that are not safe for people.


The manufacturing processes can be performed more quickly, and then was saved in this way more time for complex processes, which lead to higher quality products

The fourth revolution in industry (Industry 4.0)

Intelligent factories will add more than $ 500 billion to global economy before 2020. The most important element of the current “fourth industrial revolution” allowing global access to data and machines. Thanks to modern technologies, customers are able to receive products tailored to their needs individual expectations, thus not affecting the drastic increase in the cost of producing them.


Experiences around the world show that the automation and robotization of the industry does not threaten the labor market. Some people performing less complex tasks, often repetitive and exposing them to harmful factors, can be replaced in their work by robots. Some may face the necessary extension of their knowledge and skills (to meet the requirements of working in industry), or simply retraining (for positions where the use of robots and machines is unprofitable or impossible).


In recent years, despite the increased dynamics of industry automation, a significant drop in unemployment has been noted. This situation is one of the examples showing that automation has a positive impact on the development of labor markets. Modern industrial plants still need human hands, among others engineers with appropriate knowledge of managers, security specialists and employees of maintenance services.


The factory of the future is an industrial plant, created primarily to be tailored to human needs. It is equipped with the most modern production systems: flexible, allowing personalized production for the customer. The result of the operation of the Factory of the future are intelligent products, equipped with a number of systems monitoring their own state and interacting with the environment. Devices that store information and return information about their parameters and current status.

The RMA offer includes mainly:


Automation and robotization of welding processes

Welding automation uses robots to improve welding speed, improve weld quality and reduce errors. The integration of industrial robots is easy and is a huge step towards improving the production line.
Welding robots include processes such as arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, laser welding, spot welding and much more.


Automotive solutions

Car manufacturers and car parts manufacturers are one of the leading robot users in the manufacturing industry.


Thanks to the increasingly easier programming and implementation on the line, they are becoming more and more common, but each of the integration faces numerous challenges in terms of quality, reliability and flexibility.

An experienced integration partner is a key factor that should be taken into account by producers wishing to deploy industrial robots in their business.


Automated production lines

An automated production line is a series of workstations connected by a transfer system and an electric control system.

Each station performs a specific operation, and the product is produced step by step, moving between particular pre-defined production sequences.

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Solutions for Tube Sheet Treatment / Heat exchangers

Automation of heat exchanger production processes is one of the key sectors developed by RMA Sp. z o.o. In the last few years, we have designed and developed many new technologies that have contributed to the increase of efficiency as well as the quality of manufactured products.


The most important processes in the processing of tube sheet treatment, such as automatic retooling of lines, the use of vision systems, tubes trimming and expansion, as well as orbital welding  – can be easily automated by industrial robots and our experience.


State of the art

In our teamwork engineers with great professional knowledge, skills and experience. We are proud of their passion for creating new solutions and developing existing technologies. That’s why we are confident that we can design and implemented the most complex projects and tests.


We help our customers to select optimal welding technology and check initial design assumptions. For them we prepare and demonstrate the most efficient processes that can be implemented from a products’’ design phase.


This approach helps us to eliminate risks that affect projects’ deadlines and project implementation time.

Laser Technology

Ready-made solutions 

for laser welding

Based on its many years of experience and knowledge in the field of laser technologies, RMA has created a Business Unit – Laser Technologies, which effectively cooperates with many domestic and foreign clients, proposing ready-to-use  solutions (devices and machines), laser welding and laser material processing.

We have managed to create a series of devices that enable you to significantly increase production and maximize profits.

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