Automatyzacja i robotyzacja spawania​

Advanced welding solutions and welding automation and robotics

Currently, in addition to conventional welding methods, such as MIG/MAG, TIG, our portfolio features laser sources of various types and applications. Our offer also includes „tailor-made” solutions, as well as ready welding platforms and welding cells.

Spawanie laserowe

Solutions for laser material processing

Many years of experience and know-how in laser technology has allowed us to design a versatile, automated line of products for laser welding and processing of materials.

Each of them is an ideal and uncompromising combination of technology and the unique ILP Software.


MLS series - Modular Laser Systems

Years of experience and knowledge in the field of laser technology has allowed us to create a comprehensive, automated product line for laser welding. Each of them is perfect and uncompromising combination of technology and unique software ILP Software.

MLS Series lets you set up an efficient, fast and quality-oriented manufacturing cell – all in a few intuitive steps. MLS series has been engineered to withstand the specific requirements of single piece and mass production, both in small and large volumes.

We have succeeded in creating a system that will greatly enhance your production and maximize your revenue streams.

LCS - Laser Cleaning System

LCS by RMA is a perfect solution for a wide range of industrial applications (printing, glass, food industry, metal, plastic and  rubber industry). It is especially suitable for  manufacturing where preparation of the surfaces is required for subsequent processes such as painting or welding.

LCS is 4.0 ready with full part tracking, cleaning history and process parameters logging. The system is extremely flexible and suitable both for low and high volume manufacturing environment. It can work with automatic part warehouse and can be operated fully with robots and autonomous guided vehicles to meet the needs of tomorrow.