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RMA supports children from care homes – ZLOMBOL2017

RMA Sp. z o.o. was one of the supporters of ZŁOMBOL 2017 project. We are very pleased to participate in such a noble project. Over 1.1 million PLN is an incredible sum that will certainly help outlets of children’s care homes!

Złombol – a charity car rally racing event with a starting point in Poland. The goal of the rally is to finish about 2500 km in a few stages using a car that was built or designed during the communist era. The rally is taking place each year in July, August or September. The starting point is always Katowice. In 2017 Złombol destination was the Basque Country.

The 2015 event has been called the largest charity car rally in Europe.

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NIP: 589-193-64-43 Share capital: 50.000 PLN Sąd Rejonowy w Gdańsku KRS: 0000304949