Ready-to-use products by RMA

Discover a range of ready-to-use products and solutions delivered by RMA Sp. z o.o. Thanks to experience gained through years of projects in automation and robotic market, we were able to create ready-to-use systems and products for Your company. Our solutions are mostly complex and could be integrated into any place in just a few weeks. You will find here our MLS series - read-to-use laser welding platform, tube sheets treatment solutions (ATS-40, AES-40, AEC),  cooperative robots and many more!



MLS10 0 0 is operated via highly intuitive and configurable software, displayed on an eye-catching and ergonomic HMI panel. The system lets you control, monitor and report your work and also perform maintenance easily. The system is fully touch-controlled and can easily switch between various user profiles (operator, service, production supervisor).

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MLS501 comes with the SCOUT System. This unique marriage of laser processing guided by ultra precise machine vision technology offers welding solutions that are impossible to duplicate with existing scan head technology.

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MLS502 comes with a wide range of laser welding heads. Our goal was to design an orbital welding solution which would be truly versatile and capable of dealing with many various applications. MLS502, accompanied by the laser source of 6kW maximum power, can easily manage the welding diameters of up to 500 mm.

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SCOUT scan head laser welding system is a unique marriage of laser processing guided by an ultra-precise
machine vision technology. It offers laser welding solutions that are impossible to duplicate with current
scan head technology.

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The SCOUT System is fully compatible with most laser sources offered by top market manufacturers – both
pulse and continuous emission. Combined with a user-friendly interface SCOUT becomes a true welding companion and lean production tutor. And if this is still not enough, RMA specialists will support you worldwide and guide you smoothly through the configuration and process setting phase.

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