Advanced Laser Welding Solution



SCOUT scan head laser welding system is a unique marriage of laser processing guided by an ultra-precise machine vision technology. It offers laser welding solutions that are impossible to duplicate with current scan head technology.


It has been appreciated by industrial customers around the world for its quality, precision, reliability and exceptional efficiency. Representing a sublime, high-end engineering product, SCOUT exceeds expectations of the most demanding and quality-oriented users. Intuitive operation, programming capabilties and user-friendly features allow the SCOUT System to excel in many diverse welding applications. Set up times are reduced enormously, productivity is increased.



Even the best designed hardware remains useless without smart control. The brain of our system is K-Draw® – powerful and highly configurable software which combines the laser scan head and source controller features together with a sophisticated vision system. You are actually looking at the work area on your computer screen. Our repositioning function makes production faster because the scanner finds the piece wherever it is in the work area, targets it and performs a perfectly uniform weld. It is great for smaller pieces and multiple complex welds. This repositioning function is accurate in the micron range.


The SCOUT System is fully compatible with most laser sources offered by top market manufacturers – both pulse and continuous emission. Combined with a user-friendly interface SCOUT becomes a true welding companion and lean production tutor.

And if this is still not enough, RMA specialists will support you worldwide and guide you smoothly through the configuration and process setting phase. SCOUT’s enormous capabilities can be further improved
by integrating it with any of the compatible RMA MLS Series – please find more details at

Top benefits

  • Easy and intuitive setup and operation

  • Versatile recognition and image processing features

  • Pre-programmed and custom geometries for easy welding patterns and designs

  • Simple integration - pre-assembled connection (all-in-one)

  • Increased processing capability

  • Faster production thanks to the repositioning function

  • Robust and reliable

  • High speed welding

Technical data

Technical data
1070 nm
Laser Connection
Max. Laser Power(W)
2.0 kW (@1070 nm)
5.0 kW (@1070 nm)
Aperture Size
20 mm
30 mm
Input Aperture Size
20 mm
30 mm
Max. Welding Speed
1.0 m/s
0.7 m/s
F-Theta lens
F-160/F-254 mm (Fused Silica)
F-160/F-254 mm (Fused Silica)
Collimation length (@Multi-mode)
70/100/120 mm
120/140 mm
Work area
Up to 100 x 100 mm
Up to 200 x 200 mm
Scan Resolution
1.67 μm (@F-254)
1.67 μm (@F-254)
SCOUT Capture time
7,5 sec (@F-420)
CCD Resolution
15,2 μm/pixel (@F-254mm)
30 μm/pixel (@F-254mm)
7.3 μm (@F-254)
12.2 μm (@F-420)
Input Power
Input Power 100~230 VAC, 50/60 Hz / 10A (MCU/PC/Light)
Water/Air cooling
Cooling Spec
Water: 6 l/min, Air: 25 l/min
Head Weight
20 kg
25 kg
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