Fully Automated Research and Development LAB


This solution is not only the tool for our internal needs but it is mostly the way to help our customers understand how their process will look like and what parameters it will have before they start their own project. It is also the opportunity to set up the whole process parallel with design stage what leads us to shorten the delivery time of any solution.

RMA offers the possibility to manufacture parts for the customers when the volumes are too small to invest in automated solution or when there is a need to build some prototype components.

Our team

Technology development engineer
Production process technologist
R&D Section Manager
Welding engineer
Technology development engineer

Our LAB consists of:

  • 6 Axis industrial robot
  • 1-Axis positioner with 2000 kg payload
  • 2-Axis positioner with 400 kg payload
  • 6 kW Fiber laser
  • Different welding and cutting tools (cutting table)
  • Automated tool changeover solution to provide continuous and flexible process development
  • Vision system for parts recognition
  • 3D laser scanner for seam tracking
  • HMI panel
  • Five cameras for observation and recording process inside
  • TV screen to monitor the whole process
  • Multifunctional fume extraction system


Joining & Cutting Technologies:

  • Laser welding with wire feeder
  • Remote laser welding with scan head
  • 3D laser cutting head
  • Advanced MIG/MAG source with technologies for joining zinc coated, thin sheet etc.
  • TIG/plasma welding with cold wire feeder
  • Plasma cutting and beveling head

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Presentation of R&D Lab at RMA Partner Meeting 2017