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#Revolution in laser welding

Revolution in laser welding is not just a game of words – it is a FACT. Our goal was to design
a top-notch automated laser welding system which would combine advanced technology and unparalleled software in a smart and uncompromising way.

Out of the box, MLS1000* lets you set up  an efficient, fast and quality-oriented manufacturing cell
– all in a few intuitive steps. MLS1000 has been engineered to withstand the specific requirements of single piece and mass production, both in small and large volumes.

We have succeeded in creating a system that will greatly enhance your production and maximize your revenue streams.

Scan & weld

MLS1000 comes with the SCOUT laser scan head proudly developed by K-LAB. This unique marriage of laser processing guided by ultra-precise machine vision technology offers welding solutions that are impossible to duplicate with existing scan head technology. Intuitive operation, limitless programming possibilities and user-friendly features allow the MLS1000 to excel in many diverse applications, resulting in reduced setup times and increased productivity.

Best software and smart control  is the key to success!

MLS1000 is operated via highly intuitive and configurable software, displayed on an eye-catching and ergonomic HMI panel. The system lets you control, monitor and report your work and also perform maintenance easily. The system is fully touch-controlled and can easily switch between various user profiles (operator, service, production supervisor).
Unlimited space in the library menu allows you to change from job to job with a simple click.


Flexible and upgradable
RMA is aware that your business is imperative and
deserves an individual and specific approach. That’s why MLS1000 has been designed with great flexibility and enhanced range of customizations: various laser types, safety options and finally several functional MODULES which are probably MLS’s biggest benefit and virtue.

Let’s stay in touch
From the very first contact, our main goal is to deliver the most desirable and efficient solutions for your business. Our engineers will do their best to make sure your product specification meets with your needs and expectations.
Let us help you with sample processing in our application development lab. We will not only assist you during the purchase and configuration phase, but we will ensure that you remain fully satisfied throughout the whole life cycle of the Product.
Our after sales service will impress you. We leave nothing to chance.

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