Machine modernization and security audits

Machine modernization and SAFETY audits

Increasingly restrictive rules and regulations as well as clear signals from the market have confirmed our belief that it is worth supporting our clients in the area of modernization of machines and production stations, both in terms of safety and functionality. Our engineers have the necessary know-how and vast experience in the design, programming and implementation of security systems. That is why our competent team is able to guarantee support in the scope of verification, adjustment and ensuring compliance of your machines, stands and production lines in terms of applicable standards and regulations.


We offer you modernization of devices, machines and production lines in accordance with applicable norms and directives. Our team of experienced engineers will comprehensively conduct, for exapmple:

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Modernization Of Machines,Stations And Production Lines In The Field Of Functionality:


  • Modifying and comprehensive replacement of machine control systems
  • Expansion of machine functionality
  • Robotization of positions
  • Vision systems integration
  • Renewing old machines
  • Improving machine performance and quality
  • Execution and development of SCADA systems

Machinery modernization in the field of safety:

  • Modification of safety systems in accordance with applicable standards and regulations
  • Design and implementation of the required safety guards (fixed guards, movable guards, fencing)
  • Equipping machines with the required safety devices (e.g. light curtains, safety laser scanners, door bolts, safety sensors).
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Security Audits

O firmie RMA Gdynia

Machine safety is one of the priorities of the production process. Thanks to the experience we have gained, we are able to reliably and efficiently perform audits of technologies, devices, machines, and production lines at the client’s facility. Using the data collected during the audit, we determine the areas of danger, indicate the required actions necessary to eliminate them, and we are able to effectively implement them.

We know that proper identification as well as effective elimination of hazards will allow the machine life to be extended, generate real savings, and, above all, ensure the safety of your employees.






  • Assessment of an existing machine or machine string in relation to safety requirements
  • Assessment of selected components and risk analysis
  • Control, measurement, and test of installed sensors and actuators
  • Software and hardware test
  • Preparation of a report with detailed data on results – an indication of dangerous points
  • Implementation of the implementation service consisting of the elimination of threats in both hardware and mechanical terms.
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